We created
UBACARE to be a
little bit different.


Get a free on-demand virtual pharmacy care and have your prescription filled in minutes at a fraction of the cost.


Talk to us via tablet, computer and/or smartphone.


Anywhere and anytime you need a prescription.... We got you covered.


Speak with one of our handpicked network of pharmacists and/or doctors who are ready to
help you.

Prescription drug management made
simple and easy, the way it should be.
You remain in control, we are
here to help.

Search, Compare and Save

With our easy-to-use price tool, you'll get the info you need to find the right drug and pricing options for work for you.

Fast Prescription Fulfillment

Use our easy-to-use price tool . Find the right drug at the right price.

Easy Management

Prescription drugs dispensed and shipped conveniently to your doorstep at a truly affordable price.

Medication Delivered

Save a trip to the pharmacy and experience the convenience of contact-free delivery to your doorstep.