ENBREL (Etanercept)
ENBREL (Etanercept)
ENBREL (Etanercept)
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ENBREL (Etanercept)

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What is this medication?

Etanercept, Enbrel 
Antirheumatic, Disease Modifying;
 Selective T-Cell Costimulation Blocker

Ankylosing spondylitis, plaque psoriasis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis

“Alert: Black Box Warning

Serious infections
Patients treated with etanercept are at increased risk for developing serious infections that may lead to hospitalization or death. Most patients treated with etanercept who developed these infections were taking concomitant immunosuppressants, such as methotrexate or corticosteroids.

Discontinue etanercept if a patient develops a serious infection or sepsis

Lymphoma and other malignancies, some fatal, have been reported in children and adolescent patients treated with tumor necrosis factor (TNF) blockers, including etanercept.”

How does this medication work? 

Etanercept, Enbrel is a recombinant DNA-derived protein composed of tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNFR) linked to the Fc portion of human IgG1.  Etanercept binds tumor necrosis factor (TNF) which is an inflammatory cytokine and subsequently blocks its interaction with cell surface receptors.  The suppression of TNF stops the inflammatory cascade and resulting joint and skin pathology that occurs in immune mediated arthritis and psoriasis.

How should I take this medication? 

Inject 25mg to 50mg subcutaneously once to twice weekly depending on indication.

How to Take: Follow instructions provided by physician/pharmacy label, inject subcutaneously the thigh (preferred), abdomen (avoiding the 2-inch area around the navel), or outer areas of upper arm. New injections should be given at least 1 inch from an old site and never into areas where the skin is tender, bruised, red, or hard; any raised thick, red, or scaly skin patches or lesions; or areas with scars or stretch marks. For a more comfortable injection, allow autoinjectors, prefilled syringes, and dose trays to reach room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes (≥30 minutes for autoinjector) prior to injection; do not remove the needle cover while allowing product to reach room temperature. There may be small white particles of protein in the solution; this is not unusual for proteinaceous solutions.

Note: If the health care provider determines that it is appropriate, patients may self-inject after proper training in injection technique.

What should I watch for while using this medication? 

Before starting Etanercept, Enbrel make sure your physician is aware of any allergies or medications you currently take, you may be at an increased risk of developing another autoimmune disorder, heart failure, cancer, and tuberculosis.

What if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it’s almost time for your next dose, just skip the missed dose and give yourself your next injection at its regular time. You shouldn’t give yourself two injections at once to make up for a missed dose. This can raise your risk for serious side effects.

How should I store this medication?

Etanercept, Enbrel should be kept cool, between 36°F and 46°F (2°C and 8°C). However, Enbrel can also be stored at room temperature between 68°F and 77°F (20°C and 25°C) for up to 14 days. Once the medication has reached room temperature, do not put it back in the refrigerator. Throw away any medication that has been stored at room temperature after 14 days.

What are the possible side effects of using this medication?

Local injection site irritation, skin rash, diarrhea, positive ANA titer, antibody formation, infection, upper respiratory tract infections.

Note this is not a complete list of side effects for Etanercept, Embrel only common ones.